The current production release number is . If you are using an older release, please update by replacing your WCK bookmark with one from the table below.

The WCK bookmark is available with different start-up options:

bookmarkable link start-up options code as text
WCK default: Compose mode is available, but initially off code
WCK default with customizable start-up options code
WCK Compose and help modes are on right from the start code
WCK Use this version for Google Mail/Docs and copy composed characters from the WCK input field. code
WCK everything is on, incl. debugging messages code
WCK Cyrillic mode is pre-enabled code
WCK Japanese hiragana mode is pre-enabled code

How to add bookmarks

Drag a highlighted WCK bookmark link from the table above to your bookmarks toolbar.

If this doesn’t work, right-click the link and choose Bookmark This Link or Add to Favorites.

If this also doesn’t work, create a new bookmark (e.g., by bookmarking this page) and change its address to the contents of any of the code links above.