Instead of inserting new characters into browser input fields regardless of context, some webcomposekey sequences introspect or manipulate existing text.

These functions usually work on text selected by the user. If no text is selected in the currently focused input field, most functions will use the single character to the left of the cursor. If the cursor is at the beginning of the input field, nothing happens.

WCK sequence mnemonic behavior examples
selected text shown info
before after
*l “to lower” Change selected text to lower case. BΒВ–ᾏÈŒbβв–ᾇèœ
*u “to upper” Changes selected text to UPPER CASE. bϐв–ᾇèœBΒВ–ᾏÈŒ
*i “to information”

Displays information about each selected character, incl. its Unicode value, WCK sequence and any WCK categories and shows the selected string encoded as HTML entities (which, e.g., can be copied to other web pages).

Getting Unicode values of characters can help to distinguish identically looking characters from different scripts, e.g., Latin B (lower case: b), Greek Β (lower case: β), and Cyrillic B (lower case: в).

BΒВ—œèᾇ BΒВ—œèᾇ
ВU+0412⟦@cyV⟧ ru
U+2013⟦--.⟧ (en dash) typ
ÈU+00C8⟦`E⟧ grave fr vi
ŒU+0152⟦OE⟧ lig fr